Gorean Slave Auction

Silent Auction Slave Viewing

Welcome To Our Silent Auction

Welcome to the Port Kar Slaver's Caste Auction site.  This year's auction will be a silent auction with the rules listened below

Auction Rules

  • All bids must be submited by scroll;
  • Must list name of name of bidder, name of slave, and amount of bid;
  • Shall be submitted to JohanTheWolf, AmayaLaCelle, RykerKinson;
  • Winners will be announced at the end of the night and delivery will be arranged then.

This Site Will Constantly Update

This site will be used for auctions as well as private sales. 

If you have a slave you'd like to add please send me a picture, slave papers, name of seller and date to be sold (if applicable).

This site will be up for use by all slavers who wish to use it.

Should you wish a private viewing, click the link below.  Please list name, name of slave you wish to view, and desired time. (Please remember that not everyone will be online at the same time so try to be flexible)